Scott Rocklage is on the Verge of Inventing a Major Cure

Scott Rocklage is clearly leading the way to the discovery of solutions to genetic illnesses. As the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Expansion Therapeutic, he has been at the forefront of major research and development at the company. Expansion Therapeutic relies on widely done research at the laboratory of Matthew Disney, PhD to fight genetic disorders that are difficult to heal using common approaches.

Lately, under the leadership of Rocklage, Expansion Therapeutic, Inc. has rolled up its sleeves to raise more series A finance in a bid to completely fight hereditary disorders. Among the hereditary disorders that the company aims to tackle is myotonic dystrophy I. The disorder is recorded as the causal factor of muscular dysfunction in the majority of adults today.

Several companies have facilitated the financing, including 5 AM Ventures, in which Rocklage is a founding partner. The financing attracted several financiers due to the seriousness of the disorder. Symptoms of the illness begin to show when ribonucleic acids reach high toxic levels. The result of the RNAs becoming toxic results to deficiency of the heart, the muscles, the CNS, and other systems.

In a statement on the status of the company, Dr Disney stated that his research team has succeeded in many fields that have resulted in the good position of the firm today. He added that the team is currently leading a way to produce treatments for patients with chronic disorders. The company is generally on toes in making sure it develops medications for all RNA-related disorders through intensive research.

More About Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage attended the University of California where he graduated with a Bachelor of science degree in chemistry. He later earned a PhD in the same field from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As a student at the MIT, Dr Rocklage conducted research from renowned laboratories. As a committed researcher who loves his career, he has more than thirty years of expertise in the field of healthcare administration.

Rocklage has held many managerial positions in different organizations. In 2003, he joined 5AM Ventures as a venture partner. Today, he is a founder partner of the company. As an inventor, he has a combination of more than 30 US patents that he has solely invented and co-invented with other discoverers. Learn more:

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