Lime Crime Gets New Partners In The Business World

Lime Crime’s unicorn products are booming all over the internet right now. The creators took their love for fairytales and makeup and creating a magical world full of amazing makeup. Their beauty line stands out and is like no other. The vibrant colors are like none you will ever see. Everything about this makeup line is full of individuality. The products are also vegan and cruelty free which is a bonus for lovers of all creatures. You’ll be glad to know their products are not tested on animals.

Lime Crime has created several amazing products, but are not stopping there. The creators of the makeup line plan on creating more products and also creating categories of new items. They are thrilled in expanding their makeup for all unicorn lovers to enjoy.

Their big news is that in June of 2018, they announced that they are partnering with Tengram Capital Partners. They partnered with them in order to expand their company and achieve more goals. Both companies are thrilled about the choice and they can’t wait to see what it does for Lime Crime.

Doe Deere takes pride in her work and doing what’s best for her customers. She refuses to display any products that she would not wear herself which shows how passionate she really is about her work. Lime crime currently offers several different lipsticks with rainbow and nude shades such as, the liquid matte lipstick, the rainbow colored plushies, the unicorn lipstick, the diamond crushers, and more. They also sell semi-permanent hair dye, which offers every color you could imagine. Lime Crime also has different vibrant colored eye shadow pallets, and some highlighter that will make you stand out during any occasion. Lime Crime creators are excited to see where this new partnership will take their company.

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