Immigration Nation, Paz Arizona and the Frontera Fund

The life of immigrants can be very challenging. This is a fact for people who illegally enter into the country and for people who arrive through legal channels. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Regardless of their citizenship status, immigrants have to learn the language, make adjustments to their new way of life and conform to the norms that are present within modern society.

Some immigrants can make this transition. Other immigrants simply cannot adapt. This is why organizations such as Paz Arizona and the Frontera Fund is necessary. They help immigrants and various members of established communities to live the best life possible.

Immigration nation is a reality today for millions of people. There are established Latino American communities that are present all over the United States. These communities are mostly made up of first and second generation Mexican and Central American cultures.

However, there are plenty of new immigrants who constantly arrive within these established Latino strongholds.

Latino people who are natural born American citizens still feel the reality of immigration and the problems that it causes them. When biased people speak about or encounter people they treat them all the same.

American born Latino people are often classified as illegal immigrants. There are plenty of documented cases where law enforcement has arrested American born Latino citizens because they thought they were illegal aliens. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

Many Latino people are viewed as a drain on the American taxpayer and the economy. A lot of folks mistakenly think that Latino people are sitting around collecting welfare and receiving cash benefits from the government. While there might be some truth in what they are saying; the vast majority of Latino people work for a living.

This brings up another important point. Many Latino people are accused of stealing American jobs. The fact is that Latino men are generally hard workers who are willing to do jobs that most American born people find to be menial or beneath their “skill set”. Latino people play a huge role in the farming industry. This is especially true in the southwest and southern parts of the nation.

People like to believe that Latino people just want to create their own separate societies within America so that they can live outside the bonds of normal American culture. Each community has their own set of values and unique cultural disposition.

However, all American people share the same goals. Most Americans are hard workers, they attend school, they support their communities, they help out when needed and they want to do their part with improving peoples lives.

Paz Arizona is a community-based organization that serves members of the Latino communities all over Arizona. They help immigrants to learn English, they assist DACA applicants with their citizenship status and they perform practical actions that will help immigrants to settle into America.

They also help to improve the lives of Latino American citizens. The Frontera Fund is glad to support Paz Arizona. This organization was created to provide financial support to pro migrant and immigrant groups. Michael and Jim are the founders of the Frontera Fund. They are glad to be doing their part to help immigration nation to thrive and flourish.

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