With Reserve, Jeunesse Global introduces game-changing health drink

Since at least the 1970s, the medical sciences have known that consumption of the so-called Mediterranean diet is associated with an increased life expectancy of up to five years. This phenomenon has been exhaustively studied, with sophisticated statistical analyses showing that the primary causative variables are not related to confounding factors, such as superior genetics of people who may also happen to primarily consume the Mediterranean diet.


But what was not known until the last few decades is that one food item, red wine, is responsible for a large part of the gains in life expectancy seen in those who consume this diet. Because red wine consumption is almost universal throughout the Mediterranean region, almost everyone who was studied was a regular wine drinker. It was eventually noticed that wine consumption alone accounts for a large portion of the salutary effects, leading doctors to hypothesize that there was some special ingredient unique to red wine that was responsible for the almost unbelievable increase in life expectancy of those who drink it.


It turns out that researchers over the last two decades have, in fact, been able to prove what that special ingredient is. Known as resveratrol, the molecule has been implicated in the protection of heart and vascular cells against a process called oxidation, one of the most destructive natural processes that take place within the body. By reducing a damaging phenomenon known as oxidative stress, which is capable of severely damaging blood vessel walls over time, resveratrol is able to help control risk factors for some of the deadliest diseases known to man, including heart disease and stroke.

Now, Jeunesse Global has created one of the first-ever energy drinks to harness the heart-protecting effects of resveratrol. Known as Reserve, this great-tasting drink also includes other potent sources of protection against oxidative stress, including pomegranate, concord grape and acai. Taken together, these so-called superfruits and the resveratrol in Reserve combine in a synergistic way to deliver one of the strongest knockout punches against deadly risk factors of any life-saving product currently on the market. Reserve is your reserve army in the fight for health.


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