Victoria Doramus and Addiction

Victoria Doramus is a great woman when it comes to the media industry. She has been serving in the media sector for some years now. She is a strong woman who has experienced a great height of success. Moreover, she has also gone through some challenges that have broken her completely. As a media expert as well as a creative work professional, Victoria has had opportunities of working with some organizations in the fashion industry. For instance, Victoria has worked with Trendera, Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency, and Stila Cosmetics. With all these organizations, Victoria Doramus is well equipped with knowledge in the marketing and advertising sector.

Some so many people feel that the life of Victoria is full of happiness by the fact that she has experienced a great height of success in her career. Some expect her to be leading a never-ending happy life. However, the case is different. With all the success that she has enjoyed, she has also enjoyed a good measure of failure. Her failures started when she decided to do drugs and alcohol. Step by step, Victoria got herself into addiction to the extent that she lost her job and many other things. She could not do without the drugs, something that killed her slowly. Nonetheless, one time, she hit rock bottom and decided if she did not take control anymore of her life, she was going to lose it all. At this time, she decided to fight harder, and she later came out a success.

Currently, the digital and print media professional goes out sharing her life experiences with addiction to others. She shares her story with those people who want to listen to her. As an expert in the recovery process, she knows the struggles that people go through to get free from the addiction. Through her story, she hopes that she will encourage someone who is at their bottom and have lost all hope. She believes her story will bring some hope to people who are undergoing addiction just like she was. Moreover, Victoria Doramus is aware that the major challenge when it comes to alcohol and drugs is not merely the addiction but the way people decide to handle their cases.

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