The Expert Services Provided By UKV PLC

Wine connoisseurs understand an investment in wine must be obtained from a valuable and qualified source such as UKV PLC. Additionally wine does not require any capital gains tax when you are ready to sell. Wine is tangible so you can see your collection and make your purchases according to the conditions of the current market. Investors are looking for an excellent capital gain and wine provides this gain when stored for at least five years. An evaluation of your collection can be requested at any time when you have contracted with UKV PLC.

Most wine investments generally yield a return of twelve to fifteen percent if you avoid unpopular brands and cheap labels. UKV PLC holds your wine collection under your name, in a bonded account, completely insured, and under conditions that are climate controlled. Since wine never goes out of style the investment is solid and will not disappear. Wine has outpaced gold, the stock market, artwork, and precious metals because the volatility factor and associated risks are much lower.

UKV PLC consists of a team of consultants in fine wine with the knowledge, expertise, and experience necessary for your investments. They are invaluable in the selections of wine and champagnes. They provide the ability to meet at their offices or will come to your location.

UKV PLC is an independent company so they are not limited by one chain of supply. Their team works with a large network of traders, merchants, and brokers so they establish their stock from regions where the wines and champagnes are highly sought after.

UKV PLC supplies wine for both investment and consumption purposes depending on the specific requirements of the client. Their brokerage service for individuals ready to sell their investment wine is held with a bond regulated by the United Kingdom.

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