Sightsavers Covering Breaking Ghana News

Sightsavers is a website that hosts a wealth of knowledge. The site covers stories and events taking place around the world. In June 2018, Sightsavers featured a story covering Ghana and a new end to a disease in the African country. This story has taken the world by storm but mostly the story has been touching by how this new medical discovering is aiding the people of Ghana.


Sightsavers and Ghana have a tight relationship. Sightsavers has been operating and aiding with the people of Ghana since 2008. Over two million Ghanaians were estimated to possibly have the chance of trachoma. For the World Health Organization in June, the announcement was made to the world that finally Ghana had deleted the threat of trachoma from its population.


This was such happy news for the country and Sightsavers. Statistically, hundreds of millions of people are at risk of having trachoma. Most of those hundreds of millions of people at risk are in African countries. This breakthrough for ending the threat of trachoma is an outstanding accomplishment for the nation, for Africa and frankly for the world. This achievement has led many other countries to want to push to find the means to solve trachoma threats in their own countries.


The director of Neglected Tropical Diseases for Sightsavers said it took a lot of hard work, determination and collaboration for Ghana to achieve this outstanding feat. Ghana has ridden itself of an eye disease that causes severe pain affected by the millions of the countries residents. For years, people in Ghana have suffered from this disease although treatments have long been available trachoma. A global team effort was put in place to work to end this curable disease. Government departments, organizations, pharmaceutical companies and financial backers worked collaboratively together to end this horrible condition for the people of Ghana.


Although the end of trachoma has happened for Ghana, Sightsavers CEO still wants the world the be mindful of nearly forty countries around the world are still battling this painful disease. The CEO calls for celebration of this landmark time in history for Ghana. But after celebration, the executive calls for fighting for the millions of others and dozens of other countries waging a war against trachoma.

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