Shaping Up With Dr. Mark Mofid

The world of breast implants, face lifts, and overall shape-shifting of the human body has been around for decades, with very little change in procedure. Doctor Mark Mofid has become part of the foundation to change that. With technology booming and scientific improvements abound, this Southern California doctor has made it his number one priority to revamp the world of cosmetic surgery. He has served thousands of patients alongside his dermatologist wife in their La Jolla, California office and rarely has to advertise due to his astounding customer service and word of mouth.

The implants that were on the market ten years ago were outdated and oftentimes caused more harm than good. Bodies will sometimes reject an implant, causing infection or a longer recovery period. With this in mind, Dr. Mark Mofid wanted to create a new kind of implant that better suited the body and allowed the healing process to be more efficient. His industry changing gluteal implant did just that. It better contours to the muscle structure it is going to be working with, and has set a new standard for the cosmetic surgery world.

Dr. Mark Mofid has put a new and improved spin on augmentation for Americans. Not only has Dr. Mofid spent over ten years leading the industry, he has done it in a way that emphasizes the safety of his clients above the quantity of procedures. Putting a foreign material in the human body is always a risky move, but with the research and product quality that Dr. Mark Mofid strives for, he has found outstanding results for his patients. As the world becomes technology and science driven, all industries have an opportunity to be innovative and improve their operations. Dr. Mark Mofid has already taken charge of the world of plastic surgery, shaping the world one implant at a time.

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