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The medical industry continues to be very competitive due to the sensitiveness it brings on board. There are numerous medical centers all over the world whose main objective is to ensure their patients acquire quality medical services. Due to this competition, centers have to ensure that their qualities of services are above average to justify their continuation in the industry. Sussex Healthcare is one of the medical centers that are leading in providing for the diverse needs of patients in the UK as well as patients from all over the globe. It was co-founded by Dr. Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani. Their leadership and experience in the medical industry have propelled the health care to greater heights.

Sussex Healthcare provides diverse services to its patients that are personalized in nature. For instance, they operate 20 homes for the aged as well as other supportive services, and they are mainly based in Sussex. In these homes, they take care of various groups that need extra care, such as the aged, people with disabilities and adults with dementia. The quality of services offered by Sussex Healthcare is remarkable according to, and this continues to be the driving force to the continued existence of this firm in this competitive field. The quality of services they offer to their patients can be hugely attributed to the quality of staff they hire; they hire not only highly qualified staff but also dedicated ones.

What makes Sussex Healthcare have loyal patients all over the country is their ability to provide their patients with specialized nursing services for 24 hours a day. Their facilities have been designed in such a way that it incorporates therapies and latest technologies to create harmony in their application and running of the center. When this healthcare started in the year 1985 on, it had only one home. However, due to the brilliant leadership of its management the healthcare has grown over the years, it now operates 20 homes with approximately at least 580 beds. The healthcare has invested hugely in offering patients social, physical, spiritual and emotional support throughout their stay in the center.

Sussex Healthcare continues to be a long serving player in the medical industry not only in Sussex but also across the country. According to the experience of their owners in the medical industry, having been able to practice before co-founding this healthcare, has continued to be the steering wheel for their success in cementing their place in this competitive industry.

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