Securus Technologies Highlights Comments Made By Clients On New and Improved Technologies

Securus Technologies, Inc. is among the largest providers of detainee communication, government information management solutions and parolee tracking that serve over 3,000 correctional facilities in over 50 states among them Mexico, Columbia and Canada and serving over a million inmates. Securus is a world leader in providing responsive customer service and innovative technical solutions. Securus technologies focus on specialized needs of law enforcement and correction communities.


Securus Technologies was formed in 1985 and is located in Dallas Texas with regional offices in Atlanta, Allen, and Carrollton. It has over 40 years of serving the correctional facilities, serving over a million inmates. It is an insourced call Centre and technical support group. Securus has over one hundred patents issued and almost one hundred pending. It offers secure calling platforms with more than 2,000 installations. It is a profitable company and reinvests close to $20 million every year back to the company to assure its clients of top notch services.


Securus Technologies the leading criminal justice technology solutions published some facility customer comments on using technology to prevent and solve crimes including inmate-on-inmate crimes. There are some formal letters and small email communications that they receive from jail officials throughout the states.


“At least once a week, Securus Technologies help correction facilities and law enforcement to prevent and solve crimes, by developing new technologies.” Said Richard Smith, the head and Chief Executive Officer of Securus. “We have captured many emails and letters that regard what helps build on what will keep the society, their families and inmates safer,” concluded Richard.


Securus is committed to connect and serve and provide public information, verification, communication, verification, management, communication and information to make our world a safe place to live in.


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