PSI Pay and Its New Wearable Tech That Lets You Pay Without A Wallet

With the rise of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium and apps that pay bills in a few clicks in the app, we know that the future has an inclination to go paperless. We all want things to be efficient, secure and rewarding, and paperless money is definitely one good way to do that. However, not all alternative payment systems can give you the reliable and responsive payment service that you need. Some of them might not even be secure and accommodating. Fortunately, there are also companies like PSI Pay’s Alternatve Payment Systems. But are we ready to embrace this new tech?


Payment Execution


It’s no longer awkward to use the online payment systems that we have at our disposal. The people have already adopted them, as the way they have adopted to fitness trackers and wristbands that tell us our heart rate. Apps that we can wear are already no longer new, so people’s adoption also of PSI Pay will not be difficult. As if that’s not reason enough, PSI Pay also specializes in credit card services and ways to pay your debit cards, which makes them more valuable. When it was incorporated in 2006, it even got stronger and more robust, especially after its collaboration with one of the most established Fintech companies today, Kerv Wearables. With such innovation, the consumers today can now get a contactless Mastercard payment ring, that would be the first of its kind.




With such new wearable tech from PSI Pay and Kerv, you literally don’t need to carry a wallet anymore. The carrying of money on your wallet would now be a thing of the past. When before, you have to authenticate transactions with a PIN, you now won’t even have to authorize your payments by simply signing it. The time when you have to provide merchants of your banking information, which leads to more risks, would now be a thing of the past.


Britons nowadays don’t bring cash anyway that much, according to a research from Mastercard, so it just means to show that the adoption of PSI to such trend won’t be something that is hard to swallow. Plus, with PSI’s secure protection and identity theft buffers, doing so would be extra rigorous and beneficial to one’s online security.

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