Possible Educational Systems Changes Expected from the Philanthropist Betsy Devos

Betsy DeVos is an American businesswoman, philanthropist, and politician. She’s also a billionaire. When Betsy, a mother of four, grandmother, got nominated by President Trump as the new pick to fill up the powerful cabinet position of Secretary of Education by the newly-elect President Donald Trump, it caused a furor or a backlash of sorts.

The Democratic Party leaning supporters unashamedly bashed the decision by the billionaire president to choose Betsy, a billionaire heiress of Richard DeVos, Chairman of Amway Technologies. Many even went to the extent of question her understanding in dealing with the American schooling system. My oh, my were the cynics and the naysayers in for a rude shock and awakening. The lady is a career reformer who has spent both personal resources and time in an attempt to change the Educational sector, more so the private schools laws. Check this related article from New York Post.

Round Table Interview

The trend of philanthropy in the tycoons of the world owes a ton of gratitude to the selfless nature of one, Robert Carnegie. At his height, this industrialist was said to have been worth the equivalent of well over 100 billion dollars. At his deathbed, many years later he had already donated and splurged all that obscene wealth to the needy and the have-nots. There are Carnegie libraries all over the world today. That realization must have prompted the uber-rich billionaires to rethink capitalism. Betsy’s family hails from North Michigan where a family gains fame and respect by the billions they’ve doled out to charity and noble causes around the world. Now, let’s listen in on an interview Betsy DeVos recently held with the world’s number one authority site when it comes to everything philanthropy: Round Table Philanthropy.

Florida as the Benchmark Model

The first question posed by the interviewer to Mrs. DeVos is about the progress in her career. In her response, the beautiful lady went ahead to talk about the recent expansion across the nation. Her program had moved from their town in Michigan to now operate in states like Virginia, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Arizona. According to the interview, the reader learns that the state which will serve as the model for the planned ambitious expansion of the school voucher programs is Florida. We also learn about the underhanded tactics being used by the Democrats to obstruct real reforms in the educational system as proposed by Betsy DeVos.

Challenges and Possible Solutions

Betsy DeVos understands succinctly clear that with great power comes great responsibility. Or rather, in her case, let’s just call it, great wealth. Today, together with his childhood sweetheart, Dick DeVos, they currently support close to 20K deserving students in private schools in the nation. Their family ranks in the top 100 most philanthropic families in the entire country, according to Forbes Magazine.

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