Penelope Kokkinides and The Expertise of A Job Creator Honed By Years of Experience

The great and most successful business leaders today are those who can generate jobs for the most number of people. These business leaders are then the foundation of the economy we are all part of. These entrepreneurs are even more important than the non-profit organizations that keep popping out today. One of these impressively acknowledged job makers today is Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health.


In the BizJournals feature about Kokkinides, people can see that her leadership may have something to do with her education at the SUNY at Binghamton (NY) as well as her training at Colombia University. It’s not enough to have an outstanding Ivy League education when leaders would like to succeed in business. It takes trial and error, years of experience and a series of challenges that would shape one’s sense of endurance. This is just some of the challenges that Kokkinides also faces as she leads the projects of Innovacare Health.


Another interesting event that recently happened with Kokkinides lately is about her active participation to improve the healthcare services in Puerto Rico. In fact, she met with President Trump and talked to the president on the many ways that Puerto Rico’s Medicare Advantage can get the services that they need. However, there’s a lot of optimism expected from Kokkinides, especially because she already has years of specialized experience in government-run healthcare programs. Her expertise for Medicare and Medicaid affairs has been unmatched. It is the continued improvement of Puerto Rico’s Medicare Advantage system that’s taking most of the time of Kokkinides, fixing the tax cuts that limit the expansion of the benefits in the healthcare program.


Kokkinides is also the leader behind the push of the role of women in improving the healthcare programs of Puerto Rico. InnovaCare, Inc has helped provide so many healthcare services already and it’s still growing. While it leads in the health plans that it provides, it may be through the assertive leadership of executives like Kokkinides that it is able to serve more than 200,000 patients and individuals already, with a network of 7,500 providers.


It is the duty of InnovaCare, too, to make sure that the Government Health Plan (GHP) integrated in Puerto Rico fits the goals of the government and serve the people first. Kokkinides’ innovative and advanced expertise in the technologies needed to make this happen is highly valuable. Without her, it may be still hard to see a stable structure of Puerto Rico’s national health plan.



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