Pediatrician Dr. Saad Saad Has Invented Two Important Devices

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatrician who has built a life on helping patients around the world. He was born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait. Saad Saad attend Cairo University in Egypt to earn his medical degree. Now he is a board certified pediatrician earning the respect and love of his patients and colleagues alike.


During his 42 years of practicing medicine he has performed thousands of surgeries all over the world. In total Dr. Saad Saad has gone on 12 medical missions to help children who desperately needed help but simply could not afford it. Eight of these medical missions were to Jerusalem and the other four were in the United States. He even worked at the King Faisal Hospital for Saudi Royalty. He was the only United States pediatric surgeon who spoke Arabic and English, but also was board certified. Even the assistant chief trusted Dr. Saad Saad treating his son.


In his time as a pediatrician Saad Saad found that he could improve things so patients would be in less pain and the process would be easier for physicians. He said that in this situation invention was the mother of necessity. He put his thoughts together and created two separate devices would be life saving inventions for his patients. Catheters are used in the body to help surgical instruments, but also help drain fluids and gases. Placed in the body catheters need to be located with other instruments to make sure they are doing what they need to or maybe it is time they are removed. They have permanent catheters and also temporary catheters. Traditionally to find catheters doctors do X-rays or MRI’S, which is Magnetic Resonance Imaging long form. Both methods are not ideal because x-rays deliver low amounts of radiation to patients and MRI’s are impractical because the machine is not portable and very heavy. On top of that if a patient is in the emergency room doctors have no time to do a scan and have to use guide wires to find it. This is potentially hazardous because these wires can break inside a patient’s body and that could be bad. Dr. Saad Saad developed a electromagnetic location identification device that works a lot like a metal detector. Once the external device lines up with the catheter the external device lights up. So much less pain involved for the patient and is so much easier for the doctor.


Patent number two is suction device that helps make using an endoscope a whole lot more efficient. Instead of having two devices that makes looking inside a patient’s body way more complicated and difficult Saad Saad put them together so a doctor would not have to lose eye sight of his place, but would be able to suction out the fluid out of their visual path. Learn more:

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