Paul Herdsman: The Successful Jamaican Entrepreneur

How do wealthy people get wealthy? Are they all born into it? The answer is no. There are many ways that a person can become wealthy and achieve financial success and independence. Many of the world’s most successful people have shared their advice and experiences on how they became as successful as they are today. Paul Herdsman is one of those people. He has successfully been capable of making his dreams come true.


The dream of Paul Herdsman was to one day be his own boss and have his own company. He is now the COO and co-founder of NICE Global, a business solutions company. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica and now lives in the state of Florida. He has selflessly shared words of wisdom with anyone that is willing to absorb the advice and implement it for themselves.


Paul Herdsman has learned how to say “no”. Saying “no” is one of those gold nuggets that he picked up along his journey to become financially independent. For Paul, time is a precious and valuable commodity. He suggests that we spend the majority of the day focusing on what’s important to us. He has learned that many good ideas will be presented when you are on your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur, but you cannot pursue every single one. Paul’s advice is to stick to one idea and remain consistent in the follow through of the actions that will bring your dreams closer to reality.


Being persistent is advice that Paul and several other business gurus have shared. For many, persistence is key. Many people around the world have nice ideas and dreams, but they lack the persistence to bring them into fruition. We must be mentally prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed. In  Paul Herdsman’s Business Tips, he willingly shares techniques, strategies and advice on how to succeed in the corporate world.


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