Overview Of Career Background Of Hedge Fund Expert Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a prominent legal expert and capital strategist from New York. He earned his MA and BA in Law from Oxford University, and LLM from Columbia Law School. After his graduation, he started his career in the legal industry where he worked for various law firms in New York City. He is a member of New York state bar.

Sam was always interested finance and investment law, as well as the general legal industry. Tabar joined Bank of America where he was heading Capital Strategy department. Tabar was able to build a wide network of potential investors that were later introduced to investment experts in the Asia region.

The first law firm where Sam Tabar began his career was managing PMA Investment Advisors, a Hong Kong-based hedge fund. This was the largest hedge fund in Asia-Pacific, and Tabar served as the Co-Head of Marketing.

He joined the firm in 2004. Tabar has always been interested in startup companies like SheThinx. This is a boutique store, which focuses on selling undergarments for women. The firm channel’s a portion of its profits to charity donations to help African women and young girls with sanitary supplies.

Other Professional Achievements of Tabar

According to Art Station, on December 2015, Sam Tabar was announced as COO for FullCycle Energy Fund. In this role, Tabar was responsible for the management of the firm’s fund. During acceptance of this assignment, Sam said it was a great honor to work for FullCycle Energy Fund as the Chief Operating Officer.

The executive further said he would collaborate with other executives at the company and ensure the company has achieved its goal of moving away air polluting and costly fuels, to less expensive and non-polluting fuels.

Prior to FullCycle Energy Fund, Sam had returned to the legal industry towards the end of 2013, where he joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as Senior Associates in charge of hedge funds, structure and formation. He was also responsible for advising clients on various compliance and regulatory issues. As an entrepreneur and investor, Sam was one of the founders of SheThinx as well as Tribute.

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