New CEO of Papa John’s Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is the new CEO of Papa John’s, the famous pizza chain that is in competition with Dominos and many other pizza places. The new CEO is looking to turn around the chain and provide excellent service to customers. An article by talks about Steve Ritchie and where he hopes to see the chain at in the future and information on the place. According to the article, Papa John’s has “120,000 corporate and franchise team members around the world.” The chain is looking to improve on their strengths, along with working on their weaknesses.

Members who have been around for a long time are also working with other employees and are receiving feedback to do better. They also want to be held accountable for any mistakes in the meantime. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s understands that this will all take time and effort, but wants to gain the trust of customers and improve the brand. He caps off the article by thanking customers for being loyal to Papa John’s and being in business because of them. The article points out that Steve Ritchie is taking the necessary steps to succeed as the next CEO of the franchise and that it will take a lot of hard work and dedication to improve. He knows that there are many employees and that each must be held accountable.

According to, Steve Ritchie also seemed to talk about how the workers for the chain are hard working and pillars of the community along with it. The new CEO wants diversity and good customer service at the helm of the brand, but he also wants the trust of its customers. It seems that the CEO has taken a good step forward for the brand because they cannot have any more disappointments or shortcomings. Papa John’s would not want to lose more customers to Dominos’s or other chains. See Steve’s apology in this article from INC. article

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