Lawrence Bender’s Movie ‘Fresh.’

Lawrence Bender Is an American movie producer. Bender was born in the year 1957, 17th of October. Lawrence Bender has been in the movie industry for over 20 years now. He is celebrated for having aided in entertaining millions of residents in America. So far, he has produced several movies that include, Reservoir Dogs, Safe, Innocent Voices, Goodwill Hunting, among others. Lawrence Bender was born and raised by two parents. Bender’s father was a college professor, while his mother was a teacher who worked at a kindergarten in the USA. Lawrence Bender grew up emulating and having the desire to be like his grandfather. His grandfather encouraged him. He acted as his mentor.

Lawrence joined Cherry Hill High school East. After completing his secondary education, he got the opportunity to be admitted at the University. He attended the University of Maine where he pursued and graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. Lawrence Bender is now age 60 years and will soon be turning 61 this October. Lawrence is a dedicated family man and mostly likes spending time with his wife and kids. Being an expert in the industry, Bender was involved in the production of the movie, ‘fresh’. Sean Nelson, whose character name is ‘fresh,’ is a 12-year-old boy. At his tender age, the boy is involved in hazardous businesses. He becomes a drug dealer. He becomes a peddler and a supplier at the same time. Fresh does this as he finds himself entangled in corruption cases, poverty and excessive racial tension in Brooklyn, New York. His blood sister Nicole (N’Bushe Wright) who is a drug addict starts to sleep with a drug lord called Esteban (Giancarlo Esposito).

Fresh gets entangled in a mixture of thoughts. He tries to figure what to do in this tricky situation. The drug lord mistreats and physically abuses his sister. This issue angers the little man so much. Fresh recalls the skills that his father had taught him in the game of chess. His dad was a wasted alcoholic. Fresh comes up with a strategy to that will beat the drug lord and later save his sister and also free himself.

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