Joel Friant: Real Estate Success and Creator of the Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is a versatile and skilled professional. He is a serial entrepreneur with experience in real estate and the restaurant industry. He is also a trainer and writer, and he enjoys helping others succeed.


Joel Friant is best known for his creation of “The Habanero Shaker“. Friant was tried the Habanero pepper for the first time in high school. He loved it so much that he began to eat it regularly and even tried different types of Habanero peppers in Jamaica. This is where he discovered that the scotch bonnet Habanero pepper was his favorite. Friant’s business idea was born from him wanting to share his love of this special pepper with other people. He realized that there were no true Habanero shakers on the market–the ones that were available were mixed with other spices or salts–so he decided to fill the need by creating a 100% Habanero shaker. The product can be found in some stores as well as online on Amazon or Ebay.


Around the same time as the inspiration for “The Habanero Shaker”, Friant also got into the restaurant business. Some people refer to Joel Friant as “The Thai Guy” because of his successful Thai restaurant. In 1995, Friant opened a Thai restaurant that promoted a fast-food environment. A fast-food Thai restaurant was a new concept, one that quickly became popular and earned him his nickname.


Before getting started in the food industry, Friant had gained some experience in real estate and home remodeling. After his “Habanero Shaker” began selling successfully, he returned to real estate to put his sales skills to more use. He became a successful in “house flipping” and also learned about the real estate mortgage sector. He quickly became the top sales person in his company and eventually branched off and opened his own real estate mortgage company. He put all his talents to use being successful in many areas of real estate all while “The Habanero Shaker” was still flying off of shelves.

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