Jim Hunt: Being An Expert By Fulfilling A Niche

With a large number of interested YouTube followers, Jim Hunt is growing VTA Publications into a network itself. In an interview for ideamensch.com, Hunt was asked a particular poignant question; if he could go back and change his entire life, what would he do differently? His answer provides a lot of insight about his work ethic and life philosophy; Jim Hunt said: “Honestly nothing. I’ve accomplished a great deal in my life and am very happy. Our mistakes is what gives us character (sic).”

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is very niche specific. The company parlayed initial success of the YouTube channel into a journalism outlet. On the channel, he covers topics for traders in a tone, which puts viewers at ease and makes learning fun. Yet, Jim Hunt VTA Publications, the website, is an educational and informational platform. The site itself is divided into three learning modules: plan for change, plan for retirement and plan for life.

The website goes beyond the YouTube tutorials and offers in-depth analysis of how to become active traders. The tools/products that Jim Hunt VTA Publications markets are geared towards using “The Bible” for life planning and financial planning. The website doesn’t just advise customers to open their Bible to certain passages. No, instead the Bible is translated into a 10-part course, which carefully outlines a plan; a “blueprint” to follow in order to become financially successful.

People watched the “Make Mum A Millionaire” series on YouTube, it then branched off into different planning modules. Not everyone who launches a YouTube channel sees a wave of success. In Hunt’s case, the difference has been, effective selling and the ability to generate unique products from the original knowledge set.

The key behind the publications on vtapublications.co.uk is focusing on creating a successful life through careful planning. And not becoming absorbed by the mistakes or distracted by the failures. The interviewer asked: “What is one failure you had as an entrepreneur, and how did you overcome it?” He had this response: “I’ve had many failures with getting advertising to work, but these were all stepping stones to finding out what DID work.”

Source: http://www.facebook.com/jim.hunt45

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