Jed McCaleb: Establishing Stellar and Changing the Lives of Entrepreneurs

The cryptocurrency market is steadily growing, and more people are persuaded to invest in it. Jed McCaleb is one of these cryptocurrency enthusiasts who has invested a lot of their money into the market. He is a computer programmer who had seen the potential of cryptocurrencies becoming the next big thing. He also tweaked the blockchain technology and developed a bitcoin exchange platform known as Mt. Gox. This invention by Jed McCaleb became widespread, and it was apparently being used by other startups to help them with their business. He is also involved in several projects in the field of technology that uses cryptocurrencies and its potential in the economic sense. He was behind eDonkey, which became a huge success because of its feature allowing it to do multisource downloading.



In 2014, Jed McCaleb decided to establish Stellar, a tech company which uses the technology behind cryptocurrencies to address business solutions. He has seen the potential of the cryptocurrency industry to grow, and he thought that creating a business out of its remnants for the sole purpose of helping businesses grow would become viable. After the establishment of Stellar, many entrepreneurs have gone to Jed McCaleb and wanted to connect with other businesses through the company that he established. Stellar started to deliver smart contracts after a few updates, and Jed McCaleb has announced new developments. He is envisioning the future of Stellar to be able to solve the flaws present today due to the global banking system. He wanted to shift the trust of the people away from the flawed system and transfer to a more dynamic and modern way of doing business by working with Stellar.



Today, Jed McCaleb serves as the CTO of the company he established. He is also working with other entrepreneurs around the world to expand the operations of Stellar. New applications and software are also being produced by Stellar to help multiple entrepreneurs to run their businesses. Looking after the success of the company that he established, Jed McCaleb stated that they need more people to work with them, and invites those who have a background in programming to join the talent pool of Stellar.

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