Dr. Jacob Jay Gottlieb is a business person and formerly a medical practitioner. He was born and raised in Brooklyn with his younger brothers. He got his inspiration into the different career paths from his parents. His father, Max Gottlieb, was a Professor at the City University located in New York, teaching Economics. His mother, Helena Gottlieb, was in the medical field as a pediatrician.

The business-minded man developed an interest in business at an early age through his passion in baseball. He became a card trader for the game in his youth. He later started selling refreshments to golfers using a cart which he pulled around.

Being a man of deep thought, Jacob observed that physicians and stock market brokers are similar in a way. They both take a great deal of risks and do a considerable job at risk management. In both, strategic planning and deep thought are key to eliminating potential threats and risks. The ability of the professional to correctly identify a situation and provide a suitable solution prevents matters from getting out of hand.

Jacob Gottlieb graduated from Brown University located in Rhode Island, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. He furthered his tertiary education at the NY University, School of Medicine to become a Doctor of Medicine. He proceeded to undertake his internship in New York at St Vincent’s Hospital. However, due to his deep and profound interest in the business world especially the stock market, he quit his medical practice. He joined the world of finance as a pundit.

He worked as an analyst in the buy-side at Sanford C. Bernsten & Co and later moved to London, England. There, he graduated to the position of investment Portfolio Manager at Merlin Financial. Together with several others, they founded Balyasny Asset Management, and he became one of the founding members. Jacob Gottlieb founded his own asset management company having gained experience from his previous jobs. In 2005, Visium Asset Management was born, and Dr. Gottlieb became the Chief Investment Officer as well as the Managing Partner.

Jacob Gottlieb has been involved in several activities as a way of giving back to the society. His involvement in Robin Hood, a nonprofit organization, is one of them. The organization funds other anti-poverty programs. Their main aim is to alleviate suffering and poor living standards among the New Yorkers.

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