Infinity Group Australia makes it to the AFR’s 2018 List of Most Innovative Companies

Graeme Holm & Rebecca Walker started Infinity Group Australia in 2013. Since then, the company has evolved into one of the fastest growing and leading debt reduction companies in Australia. It has helped many Australian lower their debt, strengthen their financial muscles, and secure their futures. At present, just a half a decade since its establishment, Infinity Group Australia has been recognized to be among the 2018’s Most Innovative Companies by the Australian Financial Review (AFR).


Formerly known as BRW Most Innovative Companies, Most Innovative Companies List was issued for the seventh time in 2018. The highly coveted yearly list grades most innovative businesses from Australia and New Zealand as well. This national, multi-sector list ranks 100 most inventive companies, and it is circulated through Australian Financial Review. It reaches an audience of more than 1.8 million readers.


The Ranking Procedure


Inventium, an Australia-based reputable innovation consultancy worked hand-in-hand with a board of industry professionals to judge and compile the list. Candidates were ranked based on how well they solve problems they encounter, the quality and exceptionality of the solution, and its impacts on the real world. Other considerations included the company’s innovative culture, process, policy, and resources.


Infinity Group Australia was chosen from more than 1,000 companies throughout Australia and New Zealand evaluated by Inventium. At position 58 in the list of Most Innovative Companies, Infinity Group now occupies top 5.8 percent of all those selected.


Graeme Holm’s Comments


At the Awards Night held on July 30, 2018, Graeme Holm gladly accepted the recognition. The Infinity Group Australia founder thanked the AFR and Inventium for recognizing their efforts in transforming the lives of Australians. Holm also congratulated Infinity Group Australia’s workers for working as a team and adopting unique problem-solving skills.


How Infinity Group Australia Helps Ordinary Australians?


Infinity Group takes a unique approach towards ensuring everyday Australians are financially fit, and they have secure future. Their fact-find goes into in-depth details surrounding household expenditures and unending family needs. The company works with customers across several meetings to understand, tweak, and help their clients in putting in place a weekly, cash-based financial plan for needs like weekly groceries, entertainment, travel expenses, and fuel. If the many positive Infinity Group Australia Reviews are anything to go by, the company is committed to the success of everyday Australians.


Infinity Group offers a performance report to all customers on a monthly basis. Clients can leverage this report to confirm if they need to fine-tune their family budget or if they are operating within their goals and anticipations. The company also offers their clients with six monthly, comprehensive reviews to guarantee client success and total dedication to decreasing the family mortgage. Learn more :

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