IDLife Forms A Professional Partnership With Garmin

IDLife LLC. is a Frisco, Texas-based company founded by entrepreneur Logan Stout. It was founded in September 2013 and he is also the firm’s chief executive officer. This is a company that offers individualized health and wellness solutions. Customers get a blend of supplements that perfectly match what will make them feel and look much healthier. Stout drew upon his years as a professional baseball player to know what types of supplements help people the most and these supplements are based on evidence-based research.

In order to launch IDLife, Logan Stout formed a business relationship with Darwin Deason, a billionaire as well as Troy Aikman who played quarterback for the Denver Cowboys. He also brought in celebrity trainer Jen Wilderstrom to provide her expertise. Stout has also formed professional relationships with well-known authors and fitness enthusiasts in order to communicate to people the importance of good health and wellness in their lives.

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In the middle of 2017, IDLife formed a partnership with the technology company Garmin. Garmin was the first company in the world to release GPS devices that people could take around with them to track their exercise and movement. They now offer a range of wearable fitness devices featuring the latest in technology including sophisticated GPS systems. Customers at now have the option of buying one of Garmin’s devices, the Vivo fitness tracker. This device keeps a record of their exercise and also used algorithms to assess their nutritional needs.

Both companies believe that health is a multi-faceted thing well beyond a person’s weight or what they eat. IDLife and Garmin know that people need to take a broad approach when trying to lead a healthy life. One of Garmin’s contributions to this partnership is what they call the Index Smart Scale. This accounts for many metrics about a person’s body such as their BMI, body fat percentage, and how much their skeletal muscle mass weighs.

Once a customer buys the Garmin device through IDLife’s online site they will receive the tracker in the mail. It also ties into IDLife’s IDWellness app which provides further information of use to the wearer such as their sleep quality and a diet tracker.


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