How to Purchase Homes in Ohio with Tammy Mazzocco


Buying a new home is fun and exciting. From the new living room to fancy colors in the washrooms, and a new garage. Most people like new homes. Although the thought of acquiring a new home is exciting, house hunting is not as fun. It involves tremendous prep work like ensuring clean banking history, to accumulating a down payment.

As you get started, it is important to understand your taste, family, and preferences. For successful house hunting, home owners involve realtors. An astute realtor is a great decision maker, with style and high attention to details. The realtor must prepare a prospective homeowner emotionally, mentally and financially. Such are the qualities of Tammy Mazzocco, a realtor in Ohio.

Early Career

Tammy Mazzocco’s career as a real estate agent began in Edwards Realty Company where she worked as a secretary. She worked with Mike Zelnik and nine realtors. Through her diligence and commitment, Tammy developed an interest in real estate. She proceeded to Condominium Management and became a licensed realtor. At Condominium, she worked for seven years. This sharpened her skills in real estate.

Tammy’s Work in T&R

Working closely with Ken Cook, the founder of Cook Realty and Scotland Yard, Tammy borrowed excellent skills on real estate. From Scotland Yard, Tammy joined T&R Properties as the general manager for two sophisticated apartments. Her services extended to the warehouse complex. Having worked as a personal assistant for Joe Armeni, a lead producer of RE/MAX,, Tammy was in charge of decision making. She oversaw day to day business operations in the office.

Tammy Joins Judy Gang and Associates

Tammy developed a deep longing for real estate business from working with Joe. In 1999, she fully ventured in real estate. In 2000, Tammy proceeded to Judy Gang’s firm in Pickerington, Ohio. She looks up to Judy as her mentor, inspiration, and associate. Tammy commits to finding the right homes for homeowners. Her services cover Franklin, Delaware, Fairfield and Licking counties.

About Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco made her name in the real estate world by acquiring vast knowledge and experience in the field. Tammy is a top real estate agent in Ohio. Tammy’s passions include housing, health, entrepreneurship, and sales. She commits to finding the best homes for homeowners. With her experience in the field, Tammy has won many hearts in Columbus Ohio. Her diligence and passion to settling homeowners is outstanding. You can reach her via Facebook or Twitter. She also has an active tumblr page.

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