How Steve Ritchie is Listening to the People

Steve Ritchie, the CEO and President of Papa John’s wanted to make it a priority to meet the franchisees and employees that work so hard for the company. He also felt that it was time to listen to what they have to say. This came on the heels of some tough times for the company after losing their prior CEO. Steve Ritchie’s goal was to improve the company culture. He believed that traveling around the country and listening to what employees had to say was the key component. How has it turned out so far?

Steve Ritchie shared in a recent article that P.A.P.A. stands for, “People are priority always”, and he wanted to show that by talking with the team members to find out how they feel about their workplace and what is happening there. Traveling across Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago and more, he was able to get to the heart of the company. When he was told by many franchisees that their team members are viewed as an extension of their personal families, he was astounded. Yet, this is type of culture he wanted to exist within his company.

One thing is for sure; the company lost some customers because of the trust they had lost in the not so distant past. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns became well aware that the team members in every store had some tough interactions with customers, through no fault of their own. It seems that the customer wanted to vent to just about anyone that would listen, but sadly, it came to a head for many of them.

During these travels, as per, Steve Ritchie did make an important and very positive discovery. He and the team members he spoke with now share optimistic views about the future. Now that these team members are committed to moving forward and improving everything about where they work and how they work, things are looking up for the pizza company.

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