How Roberto Santiago Found Success In Two Industries

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian entrepreneur who has found success in two industries. After graduating from college he started a company that designed and manufactured cardboard cartons for other businesses. This was highly successful for him and led to him building a fortune. He used some of his money to buy a large plot of real estate in his home city of Joao Pessoa. His plan was to turn this real estate into one of the largest malls in Brazil.

Roberto Santiago started construction of his mall in 1987. It took two years to complete the project and in 1989 it opened its doors to the public. The mall is called Manaira Mall and from the beginning it was very successful at luring in shoppers. Additionally, there is a wide variety of other things to do at Manaira Mall. Roberto Santiago’s goal is to give people a reason to go to this mall as often as possible.

At Manaira Shopping, Roberto Santiago opened a 10,000 square meter entertainment area. This area of the mall has many arcade machines as well as a bowling alley called Bowling Gold Strike. Also in the mall is a huge food court that Roberto Santiago has twice expanded over the years. In addition to the regular types of restaurants found at a mall, such as fast food, Roberto Santiago also wanted to offer upscale dining. After his 2014 expansion of the food court there are now three upscale restaurants including the first one to open, Capital Steak House, later being joined by Espaco Gourmet and Waynes.

In the mid-2000’s Roberto Santiago saw that there were no great places in Joao Pessoa to hold a concert. Due to this, many musicians, both international and Brazilian, skipped this city on their tours. Roberto Santiago had a concert venue called Domus Hall built on Manaira Mall’s rooftop. This concert hall can fit 8,000 people on the top floor, which is where concerts are held. He also had it built in a way that it can be customized to hold many other types of events. In the eight years Domus Hall has been open it has also held business conferences, weddings, theatrical performances, art exhibitions, and other events.

Manaira Mall also, of course, has the usual types of mall retail stores. This includes sporting goods, clothing, electronics, jewelry, and other types of retail establishments. An unusual addition that Roberto Santiago was able to make happen is that the College Higher Education of Paraiba is one of the mall’s tenants. This is the reason that people will often see students and faculty members around the mall during the day.


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