How Avaaz Brought about the Paris Agreements

Avaaz is one of the largest and most well known activist companies. They started in 2007, and just a few years later The Guardian called them the world’s largest online activist organization. They work extensively for human rights and for animal rights. Let’s go through some of the victories they have achieved.

The first is regarding climate change. The Paris Accords did a lot to help the environment and reduce harmful effects of climate change. However, just a year and a half before the Paris meetings were to take place, a lot of government officials did not think that there was enough support for the agreements. They thought that people were not interested in helping the environment. That is why Avaaz decided to show them that people do, in fact, care about it. They organized the People’s Climate Marches around the world. They were the primary force behind this mobilization. Over thirty government officials took part in these marches, with the help of Avaaz. One of them was the United Nations Security Chief. As a result of these marches, small and large countries came together to help the environment. Without Avaaz, is would have been impossible. Even the head of the United Nations Climate Talks praised Avaaz. To know more click here.

Another fight was for a free and open internet for all. They started an online petition that garnered three million signatures. This petition was against two bills in Congress that would have allowed the government control over the internet, and which would have let them shut down any internet site they would have wanted. A few months later, the EU was preparing another bill that would have let corporate interests take control of the internet. Avaaz started a petition against that, too. Soon after these petitions, the bills and laws were abandoned and legislators stopped supporting them.

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