Herbalife Nutrition and its Contribution to Healthcare

Herbalife Nutrition is a company recognized globally, and it mainly deals with promoting health around the globe. Since 1980 the company has been on the forefront to improve health and change people’s livelihoods through the provision of essential and great nutritional products. Herbalife Nutrition has a team of devoted distributors who are committed to delivering the products to the individuals who require them. The company focuses on issues such as obesity, expensive healthcare, and the aging population.

The company produces their products on their premises, and this is to ensure that they are of high quality. They have managed to establish a supportive community especially during their interactions with their customers. The company helps customers in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with activities such as weight management, nutrition, fitness, and energy management products.

Herbalife Nutrition made a sponsorship deal with Jonathan Dos Santos who is the LA Galaxy midfielder and also a member of the Mexican National Team. Jonathan Dos Santos received a multi-year sponsorship deal becoming a performance nutrition partner throughout the MLS season of 2021. Rich Goudis who is the CEO of Herbalife explained that the player is highly devoted to fitness and nutrition, and this earned him the sponsorship program.

Because of the partnership with the company, Don Santos will have access to Herbalife24 which is a product made for people who participate in sports. This will enhance his performance skills because he will be energetic and also have good health. Jonathan Santos thanked Herbalife, and he highlighted on the importance of good health stating that this will help him achieve proper nutrition hence he will stand higher chances to win in the events that he will be participating in.

Herbalife products have now become part of life for Dos Santos. He learned about the products in the players’ lounge, and since then he has experienced a drastic change in his health as it has improved. Dos Santos uses the products in the morning and even after his practices. He has recently been featured in a video where he is preparing his favorite Herbalife product which he describes as Banana Sunrise. After the sponsorship, they embarked on several projects such as education on sports nutrition and community partnership initiatives.

Dos Santos has been able to achieve a lot thanks to Herbalife Nutrition. The organization is looking forward to expanding its programs so that it can cater to people from all walks of life. The sponsorship of the company to players improves their health hence good performance in their professions.


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