Heavy Metal Businessman: Cassio Audi

Like all great musicians, Cassio Audi played with many bands and many instruments. His professional music career began in 1985, but he’d been in music since he was a teenager. When he was younger, he visited Sao Paulo and met Celso Barbieri, host of “Parca do Rock”.

This inspired Cassio Audi and a friend to pursue music. Eventually, along with some more friends, they formed the Brazilian metal band: Viper. Like all young bands, their gigs started out small, local events; things like that. One day, they got the chance to play two consecutive days in the SP Metal Project. This was their chance to get noticed by thousands.
After a few more good shows and public appearances, they decided to record a demo. They demo, entitled “The Killera Sword” made them a small-time hit. The demo was even played on the radio. They soon had enough funding and following to produce an album.
In 1987, they released their first album, “Soldiers of Sunrise.” It quickly became the biggest Brazilian Heavy Metal albums; a title it still holds today. That album greatly influenced Iron Maiden. It inspired some of their beats and their tones.

As a result, Viper began getting international attention. Several top magazines such as Kerrang, Metal Forces, and Metal Hammer did prominent articles about the band. This international attention led to 10,000 copies sold. This earned the band the opportunity to open at a Motorhead show.
Their next album combined heavy metal and classical music. Still riding the first album’s wave, Viper produced “Theater of Fate”. Their mixed their new album in England, where they experimented with classical music. Over the next few years, they released their album Japan and then Europe. After that, the band began making major changes.

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