George Soros and the Future of Capitalism

George Soros, as one of the leading philanthropists, had donated more than $12 billion to promote groups that promote freedom of speech and government accountability. He supports equality for all people. It even includes those that many turn away from in society today. There is a very good reason for that.

Soros grew up in Hungary in the thirties when the Nazi occupation was in control. He saw Hungarian Jews murdered by the thousands. His own family survived the occupation by creating fake papers. He was basically saved by identity theft or fraud of government papers. While that sounds offensive considers the oppression the Jew were under at that time. Something many never considers. Soros has been through it all and knows that the voiceless needed leadership more than ever in the world.

He left Budapest around 1947 and went to London. He4 worked part-time for the railroad as a porter. He attended the London School of Economics there. In 1956 he came to the USA and began to build an empire of financial success. Around 1970 he began a hedge fund to help investors and became one of the best companies under the name that he gave it which is the Soros Society Foundation.

From there he created many more foundations meant to reflect the teachings of Karl Popper. The teaching leans towards freedom led by all. Everyone has a say and everyone has the power to rule. It is a wonderful way to avoid what happened in the dictator’s days of Hitler. Read this story about George at

Soros has fought to free those people that have been enslaved today by his corrupt governments of the times. This enables people to live truly free. Imagine a world where true financial opportunities exist for each person to have a real chance to be their very best. It brings true independence in a world that has previously been oppressed for those that aren’t coming from money, or worse, can’t go to a university because they can’t afford it. George Soros stands up for people that are oppressed like that. He has given free legal assistance to those that needed it in this area. It has saved many people’s lives from losing everything that they had. Without that help, it would have been a disaster for those people.

He has stood up for more people that have been oppressed than any other individual in philanthropy today. He takes freedom seriously and is working towards making that a future campaign. It is understandable that he might, considering his past path. Until then, he continues to work in financial markets to help those that need it for investments today. He is a genius at that as well, as his success has well shown. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

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