From Humble Grounds, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Rises High In The Banking Sector

The Board of Directors of Bradesco Seguros Group have announced the appointment of Octavio de Lazari Junior as the replacement of Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the President and CEO of its Council. Lazari who is 54 years will have to wait until March 12, when a new Board of Directors will be elected during the Extraordinary Shareholder’s Meeting.

It is at this point when the new Council will formalize his appointment. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will continue to perform the President and the CEO responsibilities until the Council convenes its first meeting. Trabuco has committed himself to serving as chairman of the Board of Directors.

Octavio de Lazari Junior has had many personal merits rising from the position of office boy at age 15 to his current position. Currently, Lazari is the CEO, vice president and executive director of Bradesco Seguros Group, a position he has held since 2007. Before this, Octavio de Lazari served as an agency manager, and in 1998, he began working in the credit area, becoming the director and later started accounting for the Corporate, Small and Medium Business and Retail sectors. He rose to the departmental director in charge of Loans and Finance in 2010, and in 2012 he was appointed to the Board of Executive Officers.

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Outside Bradesco, Lazari has held other posts such as president of ABECIP for two years, member of Board of Directors to Interbank Payment Chamber (CIP) and CIBRASEC. He has served on the advisory board of Fiabci Brazil according to Lazari has an economics degree from Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of Osasco (SP), specializing in financial strategies and marketing, and financial management.

The outgoing President Luiz Carlos Trabuco had a rough childhood due to his poor background. With hard work and a determined mindset, he has broken into the ranks even to the position of a CEO and president of Bradesco Seguros Group, something that seemed impossible. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born to a low-income family and had many siblings. He faced firsthand challenges of living as a farmer from his parents and decided to forge a different path by pursuing a college education.

He was business-minded, and although many wrote him off due to his poor parents, Luiz Carlos Trabuco had his eyes set on attending college at the University of Sao Paolo. He worked multiple jobs to pay off college until his graduation. He got employed at a local bank where he got himself involved in numerous projects. His hard work drew the attention of other companies in the banking industry.

When Bradesco named him their CEO, he knew there was a catch to it. Luiz Carlos Trabuco started countering the companies declining sales by offering customer-encouraging loan programs so that they could bank with Bradesco. Although many people thought that joining Bradesco was a bad idea, most of his ideas worked raising the company sales over time. Luiz Carlos Trabuco used the increased profits to secure the future of Bradesco for the coming years.

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