Financial Market Success by Oxford Club

Oxford Club, a private international network of both investors and entrepreneurs offering those in its membership the appropriate strategies that have been tested and proved to outperform and exceeding the average returns in the stock markets through the various classes of assets invested. The club’s main aim is to assist to grow and to protect their member’s wealth and ensuring that the members live a rich life.


This club has had successes over the two decades it has been in operation from the year 1991 when it was founded. The club believes that one’s personal connections outside the normal press, there lies the best opportunities of which they do research on the investment opportunities not normally used and then they get the opportunities that have highest returns but with the lowest risk. After the research, the club then shares the findings to its members so that the members can invest in those opportunities. The club also contains an educational arm known as Investment U, a financial site on the web and was formed in 1999.


Its achievements in offering best financial decisions have been majorly due to appropriate principles and strategies used in making the decisions. The club uses some major investment strategies so as to come up with their conclusions which include:


  • Well, Balance Investment Diet. In this, the Oxford Club offers advice on diversifying both to the sectors and the number of stocks and the risk levels. This is likely to produce a portfolio that will be less risky since it will include common and preferred stock, speculative stock, foreign stocks and defensive stocks. It will also diversify in terms of classes e.g. through using options, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. The portfolio in addition, is diversified in terms of risk such that they will choose a portfolio with the least risk and highest returns.
  • They have an Exit Strategy. In this, no recommendation to buy a stock is done without a strategy on the exit. This is knowing when you will sell the stock and the returns expected to be provided by the stock
  • Size Management. The Oxford Club usually uses a formula on the position sizing on how much one requires investing and the class to invest in. A balance is usually stricken and hence protecting members from investing in any stocks
  • Reduced Investment Costs. The Oxford Club usually avoids most costs that can be avoided such as the surrender penalties which in the long run increase the returns for the investments.


Oxford Club to a greater extent has become a solution to many investors, especially on the stock markets hence becoming beneficial to the stock markets.

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