Everest Group Executive And Philanthropist Vinod Gupta


Born in Rampur Mahyaran, India, Vinod Gupta had humble beginnings, but he managed to eventually graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Technology degree in 1967. After he completed his studies in his home country, he borrowed money, so he could move to the U.S., where he ended up settling in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Having very little money in his pocket when he first moved to the US, Vinod was determined to overcome all the odds that were stacked against him, so he pushed forward to become a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he earned both a Master of Science Engineering degree and a Master of Business Administration degree between the years of 1969 and 1971.


Vinod Gupta went on to obtain employment with The Commodore Corporation, becoming the Marketing Research Manager there. His responsibilities at the company involved finding mobile home dealers in the U.S. and organizing lists of them, which he would sell to his employer after completing the painstaking task. The experience he gained at the company prompted him to start his own business called Business Research Services and American Business List in 1972. By that next year, he was able to quit his job at The Commodore Corporation, and since then, he has held positions in several other companies in both the U.S. and abroad. See This Page for more information.


Currently, he is the General Planner of the venture capital group Everest Capital Partners in Omaha, Nebraska, and some of his philanthropic deeds have been donating millions of dollars to colleges, including his alma mater IIT, and setting up a $500,000 scholarship fund for minority students who want to pursue degrees in either science or engineering, as well as donating $1 million to his village back in India. The highly successful business executive believes that success should be measured by happiness instead of money. Vinod also likes to share his secret by sharing some Business Lesson to be Successful.


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