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Aloha Construction Inc. Plans to Launch Interior Restoration Service

Aloha Construction is looking forward to a season with a lot of work owing to the strong winds, dangerous hail as well as storms which hit many areas of Illinois. Aloha Construction Inc., a trusted local construction, and roofing company has maintained a gradual growth since it started. Currently, it serves the whole of Illinois/Southern • Read More »

Scott Rocklage is on the Verge of Inventing a Major Cure

Scott Rocklage is clearly leading the way to the discovery of solutions to genetic illnesses. As the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Expansion Therapeutic, he has been at the forefront of major research and development at the company. Expansion Therapeutic relies on widely done research at the laboratory of Matthew Disney, PhD to • Read More »

Betsy DeVos Determined to Add Value to Education

Betsy DeVos was confirmed in February 2017 to be the United States Secretary of Education. One of her first speeches was to announce President Trump was rescinding an order allowing students to use the restroom that identifies with their gender identity. While she privately disagreed with the decision that the president made, she proved that • Read More »

Heavy Metal Businessman: Cassio Audi

Like all great musicians, Cassio Audi played with many bands and many instruments. His professional music career began in 1985, but he’d been in music since he was a teenager. When he was younger, he visited Sao Paulo and met Celso Barbieri, host of “Parca do Rock”. This inspired Cassio Audi and a friend to • Read More »