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Securus Technologies Takes the Fight to Illegal Use of Drones

A recent development in the world of drones and drone technology is the discovery that drones are being used to smuggle contraband to inmates in the prison system. Thus far, prison officials have found that inmates are having drones smuggle cell phones, pornography, drugs, and other things into the prison. This is largely in part • Read More »

Securus Technologies Receives Positive Client Feedback Regarding Customer Service

Securus Technologies is a renowned service provider for technology solutions in correctional facilities. The revolutionary firm provides some of the world’s leading services in law enforcement and criminal justice departments. Aside from that, Securus Technologies specializes in monitoring corrections and ensuring societal safety.   Client’s Comments and Feedback   To facilitate safety across America, Securus • Read More »

Securus Technologies Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is one of the leading companies when it comes to the use of technology and its provision to the inmate industry. The company has more than two decades of experience working towards tailoring technology solutions to make the world a better place. This is perhaps the reason why their services are adopted on • Read More »

Securus Technologies Highlights Comments Made By Clients On New and Improved Technologies

Securus Technologies, Inc. is among the largest providers of detainee communication, government information management solutions and parolee tracking that serve over 3,000 correctional facilities in over 50 states among them Mexico, Columbia and Canada and serving over a million inmates. Securus is a world leader in providing responsive customer service and innovative technical solutions. Securus • Read More »

Rick Smith, Securus CEO: A Renaissance Man for the Field of Technologies

Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies Inc., is one of the most multi-talented and successful leaders in the technologies industry. Mr. Smith holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electric Engineering from RIT, a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from SUNY Brockport, and an MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon School. His diversity in degrees speaks • Read More »

Securus Technologies Is A Hit WIth Public Safety

Securus Technologies has been in the public safety field for many years. They have risen to be the leader among other companies that also try very hard. This company performs amazing projects for the correction facilities all across the nation. For the work that they do, they are known all around the world. Since many • Read More »