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CEO Sheldon Lavin career in the financial and food industries

We are living in a period where the young entrepreneurs are looking for ways of bringing new ideas in the business sector and replacing the old ways that we know. From the records, it is seen that many people are joining the business sector, but not everyone is succeeding, unfortunately. About 80 percent of startups • Read More »

Guilherme Paulus Chairman and founder of CVC Brasil

Guilherme Paulus is credited for many positive things concerning the economic situation in Brazil. Many experts say Mr. Paulus by way of his business endeavors and his expansion efforts are responsible for improving the standard of living for the average Brazilian. Studying business in college and pursuing efforts to revolutionize the tourism industry in Brazil, • Read More »

The Story Of Guilherme Paulus Should Be Taught To Everyone

The story of Guilherme Paulus should be taught to every Brazilian, as well everyone else in the world. In a sovereign nation with an alarmingly high percentage of people living in poverty, Guilherme Paulus is a beacon of light. His business, CVC Brazil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A., proves that Brazil is full of • Read More »