Brian Torchin-The Health Care Specialist

Brian Torchin is an american businessman and entrepreneur. He is best known for being the current owner and president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, also known as HCRC. HCRC Staffing is a online platform used by medical professionals as a way to sustain viable employment in the health care industry.

As a majority of the population begins to age, health care solutions ranks atop of the priority list, causing a constant need for health care personnel. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

This is where HCRC comes in, acting as a gateway to match potential employees with potential employers. Before managing offices in states such as Delaware and Florida, Torchin learned the roots of his profession while being a chiropractic physician.

HCRC is commonly used by health care organizations because they specialize in staffing and personnel training for prospective employees. By offering flexibility in the medical industry, Brian Torchin has made HCRC a household name, as their services can be utilized in countries such as the United States, Australia and Asia, among others.

Brian Torchin is also a health care activist, as he is constantly attending and speaking at health care events across the world. Mr. Torchin has been featured on sites such as The Digital Journal and for his accomplishments through the years.

His social media accounts are filled with job openings for health care professionals, and informative blogs about updates that are occurring in the industry.

Along with offering staffing solutions for companies, HCRC also provides consultations on how companies can optimize their social media presence, which is essential to reaching different audiences, and engaging existing ones.

As a model for professionalism and excellent standards, Torchin has enabled his company to be a leader in quality staffing solutions for health care companies, along with being a favorite in terms of workforce solutions for health care professionals.

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