Betsy DeVos Determined to Add Value to Education

Betsy DeVos was confirmed in February 2017 to be the United States Secretary of Education. One of her first speeches was to announce President Trump was rescinding an order allowing students to use the restroom that identifies with their gender identity. While she privately disagreed with the decision that the president made, she proved that she could be a team player in that speech.


Many in Michigan are well aware of who Betsy DeVos. They say that people can easily be fooled by her calm demeanor. Even those who disagree with her say that she listens to every side of an issue before making up her mind. Learn more:


DeVos has long been a strong advocate of school choice. In an interview with Cal Thomas, she says that between 75 and 80 percent of low-income parents which that they had a choice of what school they can send their children too. She points out that in many cases those who are fighting against choice for those children are sending their own children to private schools.


Betsy DeVos was educated in private schools. Her father was Edward Prince who was a very successful Michigan businessman. Her mother was a public school teacher. They chose to educate Betsy in Holland Christian School. She later attended a private college before becoming the wife of Michigan businessman Dick DeVos. She served 15 years as a volunteer in the Grand Rapids Public Schools.


In the Cal Thomas interview, Betsy insists that top-down solutions never work. She says that top-down solutions never work because people must follow the regulations instead of creating innovative programs delivering results. She points out that the federal government’s No Child Left Behind and Every Child Succeeds Acts have no proof that they did any good despite the federal government authorizing the spending of $24.9 billion on Every Child Succeeds in 2016.


One of her first acts as United States Secretary of Education was to add three new requirements for every state to meet when sending in their state education plan for federal improvement. Now, states must indicate how they plan to help schools with a large number of students born in a foreign country meet English proficiency standards along with other challenging objectives. Secondly, each state must formulate a plan showing how they will help local schools implement enrichment activities for those who struggle to meet objectives. Finally, the states must show that they have a plan in place to deal with the growing number of homeless students.


Betsy also says that she firmly believes that once teachers, principals and superintendents are given local authority that changes can be made to impact education in a positive way. In her education platform published in the Federal Register, she says that taxpayers deserve more value for their dollar spent on education.


Betsy may look like everyone’s grandmother, but it is clear that she has hit the ground in Washington D.C. running to make sure that students in America receive a better education.

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