Alex Pall Speaks On Embarking On A New Journey To Mould Their Identity

Alex Pall and Paul Taggart marked the onset of establishing their new identity with the release of ‘Closer’ featuring vocalist Halsey. The DJ and Production duo popularly known as the Chainsmokers are working towards an identity that portrays them as true artists who poses emotions and thoughts as opposed to DJs who often hide behind the curtains of their beats. In ‘Closer,’ the duo relies on Taggart’s vocals alongside Halsey’s to tell their story which was inspired by Taggart’s experiences from the school he previously attended in Syracuse.

Interview Magazine caught up with the Duo who had a chat with Mathias Rosenzweig about their new music, identity and evolution process to cater for an increasing fanbase. After meeting in New York through their current manager, the duo hit it off immediately. They tried to sculpt their identity to suit the emerging trends in Electronic Dance Music that were working out for other artists in the industry. Alex Pall says that their values became more aligned over time and they are always endeavoring to be better musicians so that more people can relate to their music.

Mathias seemed puzzled by the duo’s choice to sing on their songs which were mostly about their real lives. Alex Pall elaborated that even when they solicited the help of songwriters, the songs were still about them. They sing about their experiences to paint a picture of who they are so that their fans can understand them. He said social media has also helped them understand their audience better and interact with them.

Alex Pall admits that it was an honor working with Halsey. He admires her strong, independent personality and her beautiful voice and they have always wanted to work with her. She represents the kind of artists Alex prefers working with. He adds that Taggart singing on a song they have produced is growth in their identity.

This new style will add the twist of live performances to their spectacular DJ shows. Alex Pall hopes their performances will grow bigger and more creative to amuse their fans even more. He is more interested in giving people a new experience each time.

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